New Clients

As a first time, or not-in-a-long-time client this is a great starting point. What nail coating is right for you? We are happy to consult with you over the phone, text, or email but hopefully this will narrow down your choices.

Shellac Manicures

A low commitment, low maintenance option for anyone looking to feel polished or pampered. This coating is applied and removed with zero nail damage and is a great option for anyone looking for a one time pickup me up or to start a 2 week maintenance routine. Our nail artists will consult with you on lifestyle and natural nail health to determine which strength base coat and top coat will suit you. We do offer semi-hard soak off builder gels as a base layer if your natural nails are weak or damaged.  Please add on removal services if coming in with coatings on from other salons. Nail art add ons are also available.


Gel Extensions + Overlays

Gel Extension Sets:  These soft gel, soak off extensions are a great way to get into Gel Extensions without the long-term commitment of Hard Gel. These soft gel extensions can be in any length, sporty to extreme and can last up to 4 weeks.* A perfect way to glam up for an event, wedding, prom, or everyday. 


Hard Gel Overlay: Hard gel adds a super strong coating underneath your Shellac. This coating is suited for people looking to have perfect nails all the time. As this is not a soak-off gel, it is a high commitment, long-term solution. An overlay goes on your natural length and can help you maintain a longer length if desired as your nails grow out over time. Most clients maintain this service with a fill every 3-4 weeks.

Custom Sculpted Hard Gel Extensions: An extension set is for people looking to add length to their natural nails.  Ideal for clients looking to add medium to extreme length. If you only want a slight length addition you can achieve this through booking a Hard Gel Overlay and growing out your length in 1-2 visits. Your natural nails must be in moderate to good condition with some length already there in order to successfully have an extension set applied. Nail biters or those with damaged nails are advised to do repair treatments or overlays before having an extension set.  This is the highest commitment long term manicure solution.

*Results vary based on lifestyle, condition of natural nails, length of extensions and home maintenance.


Our services are based on time and because our artist's talents and specialties are diverse what you can receive inside a time frame varies by artist. If you have something very specific in mind please feel free to reach out and we can match you up with the best artist and service for your desired look. In general, these are some options of what you can achieve inside our service times. 

Shellac 60/Hard Gel Overlay: These are the base service times for a one color manicure. As time allows can include simple accents such as nail foiling or glitter.

Shellac 75/Hard Gel 90: These services allow 15 minutes dedicated to nail art: full set of glitter, foil, 1-2 simple hand painted nails, 3-4 nails of stamping.

Shellac 90/Hard Gel 105: These services allow 30 min dedicated to nail art: can include a full of stamping, chroming, or 3-4 detailed or hand painted accent nails. Combine a few simple elements with more detail accents for a full set of nail art.

The Original Artist's Choice 90/105: We consult with you on basic preferences on color, likes and dislikes but ultimately what you get is a surprise! Our artists thrive when given complete creative freedom!

Shellac 105/Hard Gel 120: These services allow 45 min dedicated to nail art: ideal for more complex accent nails requiring hand painting, multi tiered design elements, or gemstone application.

Shellac 120/Hard Gel 135: These services allow for 60 minutes of nail art. In these "super sessions" nearly anything goes, sky is the limit!

Nail Art


Our Pedicure services come in both Basic and Plus options and in both traditional lacquer and shellac.


Basic services are ideal for people that maintain their pedicure every 4-6 weeks and need minimal intervention.

Plus services are ideal for clients that would like a little extra pampering or its been a hot minute since their toes have been done.

Shellac pedicures are instantly dry, making them a perfect choice for our New England winters- get a pedi then put your boots back on!  They are also great for athletes or work out enthusiasts that have constant friction on their nails, Shellac will hold up a bit better than traditional polish.


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