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Richael Corr

Owner + Nail Artist

Richael is a multi award winning Nail Artist, CND Education Ambassador, and self proclaimed sit-down comedian. With over 10 years combined experience in the beauty industry as a manager, service provider, and now nail salon owner, Richael brings swift decision making, talent, and artistry to your nail appointments. If you are looking for someone with her finger on the pulse of what's trending, no fear attitude for trying new looks and hand painting anything, she's your go-to gal.

"I love clients who don't know what they want to do: I created a service that takes making decisions off the client's shoulders called 'The Artist's Choice Manicure.' It allows me to curate something special for my client that reflects their personal style while using techniques and modalities that the client may not know about."


Jessica Webb

Nail Artist

Jessica has been in the salon and spa industry for 15 years with a focus on nails for the past 11. She has an acute attention to detail and  meticulously performs every service. She wouldn't send a client out the door in something she wasn't 100% proud of. Jessica's art has a strong retro influence to it and she has a great eye for curating color palettes that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. She draws inspiration from mid-century designs whenever possible and loves all things vintage and kitschy. Jess is an old soul with classic tastes. "I absolutely love what I do for a living- coming in to work every day I get to be creative and interact with wonderful people; knowing that I get to make those people feel relaxed and beautiful is such an amazing feeling! I'm eager to learn new techniques and try out fun and interesting designs: your nails are my canvas!"


Paige LaBranche

Nail Artist

Paige has a fresh outlook and desire to dive into nail art at any chance she gets. She has been drawing most of her life and her passions for hand painting translates perfectly onto a tinier canvas. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she embodies spooky glam witch vibes. Paige is your go to girl for skulls, gore, and the occult. She also is very skilled in special effects makeup. Don't be fooled by her love of all things Krampus, she is a sweet soul and you'll leave her chair feeling like you've gained a new best friend.  Though her passions lie in the darkness her talents are able to carry out any look from glam to preppy, from spooky to girly. She's definitely not your basic witch.


Kaity Calderwood

Nail Artist

While the rest of us were laying on the couch in a depression during lockdown Kaity took the initiative to pursue her passion for beauty and completed the Esthetics program at Empire Beauty School. She fell fast in love with all things nails as it was the perfect combination of artistic expression, beauty, and fashion. She had already experienced the vibe here at the Lab when Paige did her HALLOWEEN WEDDING nails and she just knew she had to work here someday. Well guess what? I agree. She's ours now. You'll be pleased to hear Kaity will be starting part time as a pedicurist Tues-Thurs evenings + Saturdays. She will be training on gel manicures and extensions and will become a full service tech before you know it.


Courtney Sullivan

Lash Artist, Esthetician

Courtney has been a licensed Esthetician since 2019. Her services include Lashes, Facial Waxing, Tinting and Skincare. She loves making people feel welcome, comfortable and beautiful. Don't let her sweet and quiet demeanor fool you; she's a powerhouse when it comes to lash design and skin care knowledge. She's a dog lover, obsessed with spooky things and a sucker for desserts and donuts. What sets Courtney apart in lash design is her passion for adding pops of color or a burst of rainbow to your lashes which is why we love her. What a fun complement to your nail art set! Get a pop of color to match your nails, hair, or mood. 

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